Karloff's Frankenstein's Monster Acrylics

General Ursus Planet Of The Apes white and black inks

The Bride Of Frankenstein Pen and Ink

The Counts Revenge Ink and Marker

King Kong Acrylics

John Wayne Brush and Ink

New Adventures Of Frankenstein Cover Art Acrylics

Krampus Polymer Clay Acrylics

Jasper the Friendly Spirit Pen and Ink

Scary Comic Cover Art Pen and Ink

Jaw Bone The Pumpkin Polymer Clay and Acrylics

Fall Pumpkins Fine Artsy Style Watercolors

Christopher Lee Frankenstein Acrylics

Dancing Groot (1) Polymer Clay

Dancing Groot (2) Polymer Clay

Werewolf Acrylics painted on Vintage Eerie Magazine Paper.

Scary Comic from Scary Monsters Magazine Art Pen and Ink

Ghost with Cigar Polymer Clay

Karloff Mummy Black and White Ink

Bela Dracula Pencil on Craft Paper

Pumpkinstein Polymer Clay

Scary Comic Scary Monsters Magazine Last Comic Issue Pen and Ink

Several Pulp Style Artwork for Journal of Frankenstein Ink Washes

Lifesize Grinch Crayola Model Magic & Acrylics

Life-size Hitchhiking Ghosts Stand Ups Pink Foam and Acrylics

Creature From The Black Lagoon Ink and Marker

Mail Bag Frankenstein Journal of Frankenstein and Scary Monsters Magazine Pen & Ink

HR Puff N Stuff-Osaurus Pen & Ink

Space Plant with Sprout Polymer Clay Acrylics

Black Cat on Pumpkin Watercolor

Vanessa Fly Trap Polymer Clay Acrylics

John Zacherley as Roland / Zacherly Ink Wash

The Punisher Oil Paints

 The Salt Vampire From Star Trek Acrylics

Mr Hyde Pencil on Craft Paper

Trick Or Treat Bears Watercolors

Zacherly Acrylics

 Krampus Polymer Clay

Venus Fly Trap Polymer Clay

 Haunted Mansion Ghost Ornaments Polymer Clay

 Creature From The Black Lagoon Acrylics

Scary Comic Cover Art Pen and Ink

Zombie Finger Ornament Polymer Clay 

Black Cat Pumpkin Watercolor

Uncle Fester Brush and Ink 

Halloween Creep Card Ball Point Pen White PAint Program

Pumpkin Gingivitis Polymer Clay Acrylics

Life Size Witch Head For Halloween Decoration Crayola Model Magic

Welcoming Ghost Polymer Clay